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PC: PC newspaper article

While looking for some HO scale E8 locomotive parts, I came across this 
in my workshop. This article ran in the Washington (PA) 
Observer-Reporter newspaper. I don't remember the date, but I think it 
happened quite recently...

Penn Central must face $600 million USX suit

Washington (Bloomberg)

The corporate successor to the bankrupt Penn Central railroad on Tuesday 
lost a Supreme Court bid to avoid a $600 million lawsuit by USX Corp. 
and Transtar Inc.

American Premier Underwriters Inc., formerly known as Penn Central 
Corp., argues that the lawsuit should have been barred because it 
centers on activities that date from before the company's 1978 
bankruptcy reorganization.  Thus, the company argued, any liability 
under the lawsuit would have been covered by the bankruptcy court order 
that discharged all prior liabilities and debts.

The Supreme Court, however, refused to consider that argument, which 
American Premier Underwriters offered to challenge an appeals court 
ruling allowing the lawsuit to go to trial.  American Premier 
Underwriters is a subsidiary of American Financial Group, Inc.

--Chris Osterhus

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