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PC: HO passenger modeling & Bob Ried


I have a good passenger train coming along, but want to improve the
performance of the IHC/ConCorr cars I run.  Our club has an L&N passenger
train with Rivarossi cars w/body mounted couplers (kadee) that gives no
trouble.  I used the "talgo" McHenry and the train will split at junctions
in modules.  Should I go body mount couplers (30-36" radius curves) and is
there a better truck for IHC that is not so "squat" but with the IHC offset
mounting?  I am using body mount kadees and Roundhouse trucks on the E & B
valley car that I am building now, and plan to do so on the next one
(combine) so this may be the way to go.

Is Bob Ried still alive?  I enjoy the bunch of Rails Northeast that I have
obtained and the same with the Conrail Power guides.  His magazine was
excellent for the time and market size, better than Trains of the same
years.  He did PRR and PC mags too, and some PC guides, right?

When did passenger trains loose mail service and what did Conrail and PC do
with RPOs?

Garrett Rea

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