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Re: PC: HO passenger modeling & Bob Ried

On the Pennsy and other railroads, our esteemes postal service began yanking
the RPO mail off the passenger trains in the mid 1960s with the greatest
number coming off in 1967, which killed off a lot of trains and left many
others in financiallly untenable positions. The last RPO run wes June ,1977
between New York and Washington, when then Post Master General, Benjamin
Bailer, in this glaring example of his Public Be Damned Attitude, put and end
to these two trains and implied that the clerks who w orked the trains were
not wanted. This type of attitude has rubbed off on most of the corporate cEOs
today, but I won't get into that. It would seem to me that even with zip code,
there would be a place for RPO cars on trains.

Jim Mancuso

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