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Re: NY & LB RR (PC: Name discussion is closed)

I believe that a similar operation may yet exist in Chicago.  The Chicago and
Western Indiana RR  used to have rolling stock but not now, and now exists as
access right-of-way and switching into a part of Chicago.  I believe that the NS
has leased from them and built a trailer or pig  yard many years ago, where their
engine facilities used to be.

Jejunabra -AT- aol.com wrote:

> The New York and Long Branch Railroad is an example of joint operation at its
> best.            (clip)                                            What made the
> New York and
> Long Branch unique among these two joint operations, was the railroad had no
> equipment of its own but merely supplied the tracks and facilities for its
> owners. I hope this discussion gets constructive things going.
> Jim Mancuso


H.G. Scott

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