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PC: Fw: NEC and Zoo tower


This is from my father- born in 1938 and has forgotten more about
railroading than I will remember.  He is a diehard PRR fan, but we can not
hold that against him.  There is one stab "..done in by the safety folks.."
as I work as a conslutant for OSHA and he likes to jab me now and again.

Feel free to e-mail him with questions-

Garrett Rea

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From: Fred G Rea <fredrea -AT- juno.com>
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Date: Sunday, December 20, 1998 5:25 AM
Subject: NEC and Zoo tower

>Gary, you can forward to smellycat, or whoever is asking, if you want.
> My earliest memory of the NEC is in 1948 when I was 10.  My Aunt who
>lived in Wilmington DE took my Mother and I for I ride up to Philadelphia
>on a boat called the Wilson line.  The trip back  was by train  in what
>must have been a parlor car.  We sat with our backs to the windows and
>faced each other across the aisle.  The trip back took about 20 minutes!
>My next memory was several rides on the Metroliners, the real original MU
>ones.  Always got a 1st class seat north bound and coach south bound.
>Then you could look out the front into the vestibule cab.  The
>speedometer was clearly visible.  Seems 112 mph was not uncommon and two
>passing was a thrill!.  Did it once Washington to Baltimore and back and
>once Washington-Wilmington and back.
>The 1st class car had the galley at the front end so I had to convince
>the waiter that, although I had paid extra for I nice seat,  I really
>wanted to stand, out of his way, by the front door.
>Late 1975 or early 1976 I  rode a silver MU from Penn Station to
>Princeton Jct .  Ended up in the vestibule with the  engineer.  He
>pointed out we were a PC (or it may have been Conrail )passenger, train
>operating on AMTRAK track!  A cab ride through the Hudson tunnels and
>Newark was too good to be true!
>I am sure the opportunity to get these "cab rides" has long ago been done
>in by the safety folks.  Especially 100+ mph when there were still a few
>grade crossings!
>As with all memories by guys my age, they are vivid  but may not be
>totally accurate.
>Any corrections are welcome.
>Zoo tower closing!!  If true I guess it is not surprising.
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