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Re: PC: Name discussion is closed

Look at an Ohio map of the late 1960's that shows railroads-  the maze of
redundant trackage that PC could not drop (but Conrail did) helped add a few
nails to the coffin as well.

Garrett Rea-
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>Government subsidy of the railroads" competition, together with removal of
>mail from the passenger trains were two of the big factors, together with
>excessively high property taxes imposed upon the railroad's rights of ways,
>stations, and other facilities were among the major factors topped off by
>fact that Stuart Saunders, Alfred Perlman, and David Bevan could not or
>not work together as a team to run the property. In addition, there was
>Bevan's Penphil investment club t hat drained money away from the railroad,
>cooking of the books, deferred maintenance, all combined to bring down the
>Penn Central. Al Perlman, as  good an operating man as he was was not
>to operate, for he got hamstrung with Pennsy staffers, most of whom he
>considered incompetent who hampered him at every turn. Al Perlman believed
>that by investing in the railroad, he could reap the profits that he
>the railroad was capable of  earning if it had been able to provide decent
>service to both shippers and passengers. David Bevan had other ideas and
>together with Stuart Saunders" indifference were the two biggest factors
>helped kill the Penn Central.  I hope that helps answers what helped kill
>Penn Central.
>Jim mancuso

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