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PC: Name games


In the late 80's early 90's, I belonged to a car club that was based in
Ohio.  When some of the officers of the "Ohio club" found out that we had
more members than the national one in Hollywood, CA- there was a push to
change our name.  This hurt several persons, as they had worked hard and
found that they were having the rug pulled out.  I was the events chair and
a close chum was the VP-  we both lost our seats, part on our view of not
wanting to change.  This caused even more rift, I got ticked, sold my car at
a loss in 1996, and moved on.

The point is-  don't loose sight of what the goal:  preservation of the
heritage of what the world viewed as a "..redheaded stepchild.." of a
railroad that disappeared under troubled times 22 years ago.  Just the same
as the car club, it was a "stepchild" as the dealer network had pulled out
of the states and went back to France in 1973 under a similar situation.
Instead of preserving what was, and what could have been (in both cases) the
infighting caused (and in our case, could) a rift and did more to hurt image
and the fans involved.

Let's all act like the adults that we are (even though we do play choo-choo)
and put this petty garbage behind us please.


Garrett Rea,
Mt. Juliet, TN

P.S. on a lighter note, anyone out there know about tank cars used between
1968 & 71?   I have run into a wall on this one.   Please e-mail me at
glrea -AT- earthlink.net .  Thanks in advance.

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