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Re: PC: Name discussion is closed

Government subsidy of the railroads" competition, together with removal of the
mail from the passenger trains were two of the big factors, together with the
excessively high property taxes imposed upon the railroad's rights of ways,
stations, and other facilities were among the major factors topped off by the
fact that Stuart Saunders, Alfred Perlman, and David Bevan could not or would
not work together as a team to run the property. In addition, there was Dave
Bevan's Penphil investment club t hat drained money away from the railroad,
cooking of the books, deferred maintenance, all combined to bring down the
Penn Central. Al Perlman, as  good an operating man as he was was not allowed
to operate, for he got hamstrung with Pennsy staffers, most of whom he
considered incompetent who hampered him at every turn. Al Perlman believed
that by investing in the railroad, he could reap the profits that he thought
the railroad was capable of  earning if it had been able to provide decent
service to both shippers and passengers. David Bevan had other ideas and that,
together with Stuart Saunders" indifference were the two biggest factors that
helped kill the Penn Central.  I hope that helps answers what helped kill the
Penn Central.

Jim mancuso

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