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PC: Penn Central at the Kansas City Convention

Due to a bit of good natured practical joking between my wife and a friend,
I only now found out some critical information about the NMRA convention
last week.

I wasn't able to attend, but wanted to enter a model in the freight car
contest.  My friend agreed to take my model and enter it for me.  I filled
out all of the necessary paper work and sent the little car on it's way. 

The stories I have heard since the middle of last week ranged from winning
1st place to having a fat lady sit on the box at the airport! :^o

What I found out was that my car did win 1st place in the freight car
category.  (I think... :^)  I'll know for certain when I pick up the car
and award later this week.

PC specifics:  The car is a scratch built G39a ore jenny painted in full
Penn Central "colors".  This car took second place (1.5 points behind 1st
place) at the Regional NMRA convention in Grand Junction last month. In KC,
it won by one point. In both cases, it scored 112 points.  That's pretty
consistent scoring, eh?

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