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Re: PC: What if

     I really don't like the excuse that PC would have failed because 
all the other RR in the NE were failing.  One, the reason that most of 
the others were failing was because they were too small.  PC was big 
enough to keep going.  Look at the Chessie System or SCL or even NS and 
BN.  They all made it through the 70's.  Sure they were all involved in 
mergers, but there was nothing like the massive, Government planned 
intervention that was Conrail.  I seems that when even two large RR's 
merged the final result was better than what went in.  The only eception 
seems to be the PC.  The other NE RR's wet under because of size.  RDG, 
LV, EL and PRSL were too small to ever make it, but the PC was huge.  I 
think if they had cut costs and become efficient they could have made 
it.  I state my question again. If PC was here today what do you think 
their history would have been and what would be their situation today.  
For example would the PC have merged with the LV or PRSL or EL to stay 
alive as the 70' went on.  

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