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Re: PC: Penn Central at the Kansas City Convention

> Date:          Mon, 27 Jul 1998 10:25:11 -0600
> To:            penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject:       PC: Penn Central at the Kansas City Convention
> Reply-to:      Gene.Fusco -AT- Symbios.com
> From:          Gene.Fusco -AT- Symbios.com

> What I found out was that my car did win 1st place in the freight car
> category.  (I think... :^)  I'll know for certain when I pick up the car
> and award later this week.

	Congratulations!  :-)  :-)

> PC specifics:  The car is a scratch built G39a ore jenny painted in full
> Penn Central "colors".  This car took second place (1.5 points behind 1st
> place) at the Regional NMRA convention in Grand Junction last month. In KC,
> it won by one point. In both cases, it scored 112 points.  That's pretty
> consistent scoring, eh?

	Indeed it is. Can't get must more consistent than that.


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