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Re: PC: What if?

Gene has reminded me of a long-suppressed memory:  As I hadn't yet learned
to read in the early seventies (I was only 3 years old for the better part
of '75.), I remember thinking that BN boxcars were just some sort of "new
and improved" version of PC boxcars.  To my pre-school mind, the BN green
looked like a brighter, less faded color than PC's, and the logo was just a
snappier white geometric thing.  I'll bet it was '77 or '78 before I
figured out that the logos were supposed to represent the letters PC and
BN.  To a little kid in Indianapolis, it was all just green boxcars with
white thingys.  Of course, I soon learned that PC was much cooler than BN!
;-) (Actually, I'll admit it probably took me a while ...)
	Anyway, I thought that might provide a chuckle.

Christian Axsiom  

At 12:00 PM 7/27/98 -0600, Gene.Fusco -AT- Symbios.com wrote:
>> The Penn Central of 1998 would certainly have a new image for the
>> locomotives and rolling stock.  Knowing how corporations market
>> themselves, I cannot see the simple black and white scheme with just the
>> worms making it to 1998. 
>One interesting data point is the original Burlington Northern scheme.
>It has managed to persist from it's start in 1970 till just recently.
>Although not black and white, it is a very simple "block monogram" and the
>RR name spelled out.  Very much like PC.
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