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Re: PC: A PC GG-1 wipe out...on the last word of tresspassing

One more thing to help wrap up the tresspassing thing.  It's a PC issue.  My
dad remembers as a PC RR cop, watching a a person get scraped off the front of
a GG-1, that had been going 70 mph, while it was being operated by Penn
Central.  I tried to see if he could remember if it was in PC or PRR paint,
but he said that was the last thing he recalled about the situation!  

Although I was for railfans being allowed to take the pictures in the debate,
I am against crossing tracks where your not supposed to.  I'm also against
getting too close to the tracks..... just trying to help wrap up the safety
issue with a little PC flavor added!  So next time anyones trackside, try to
picture that bloody GG-1 in Jersey around 1970 on the NEC!

John Weyhausen   

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