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PC: Re: MP-54

Long Island apparently stopped using theirs in the early '60's, the CNY got
theirs in 1968 but it had been stored several years by then.   I have some
pics of it to post one of these days.

Bill's Syracuse rail page 

: From: Evil Mike <evillmike -AT- hotmail.com>
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: Subject: PC: MP-54
: Date: Tuesday, July 21, 1998 10:53 PM
:      Well I started the trespassing issue and I feel obligated to get 
: the ball rolling on a PC issue.  When were MP-54s finally phased out on 
: commuter service?  There is a neat Green MP at Strassburg and it got me 
: interested.  Did SEPTA or NJDoT or Conrail use them after PC?  I was 
: also wondering about suburban operations in the Balto-Washington area.
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