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Re: PC: Metro North Heads Up!

It is true about the 1100s, they are out there now.  Here's a Harlem Line one:

MNRR train # 581

Grand Central Terminal      7:24 P.M.

then express to....

Crestwood                        7:52 P.M.
Scarsdale                         7:56 P.M.
Hartsdale                          8:00 P.M.
White Plains                     8:04 P.M.
North White Plains            8:08 P.M.

I noticed while photographing this train, that, these cars have speed
lettering on their sides where the car numbers are.  It seems as though when
some of these cars were repainted by the MNRR, they were given this PC style
lettering by the MNRR.  It's interesting seeing that, as it's something one
may have been able to see on those cars in PC years, as it was PC that gave
them the 1100 series numbers.  Before that they were NYC's 4600 series (1962),
and from what I've heard, the 1965 order was the 4700 series....Is there truth
to this?

John Weyhausen     

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