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PC: Thank You

     I would just like to thank everyone for their sprited debate on RR 
tresspassing.  This is an issue that has no easy answers.  I'm sorry if 
you didn't agree w/ what I said, I at least hope you found if mindly 
funny.  I posted the message I got out of general concern for fellow 
'fans who might be arrested for doing nothing wrong and not so I could 
personaly read the messages and laugh nor so I could vent or rant and 
rave.  This issue concerns me becuase in South Jersey moving trains are 
few and far between.  Like an anaerobic organism I compensate by 
photographing RR structures and this involves a fair amount of 
"tresspassing".  In all my time doing this I have only come upon a 
moving, non-NJT train, once.  Sometime in September I plan to post a 
guide to S. Jersey "hotter" (or tepid) spots on the East Rail News 
website (http://www.eastrailnews.com).   This will be chocked full of 
gif maps to 'fanning (includes parking and roads) and pictures of me 
"tresspassing" on all sorts or RR property.  Please subscribe to the 
wonderful site.  It is well worth it.  I hope that this alearts fans in 
the new NS zone to the 0 tolerence ploicy.  I would also like to say 
that I have no books on the PC except "Wreck of the Pen Central" (really 
really good) and I hope to use this service to learn more.  Guess what 
really killed the PC, the Executive Jet Service.
Finally I would like to add that I can never hate NS.  They still 
contain my favorite mainline, the PRR Philly-Pittsburg, INTACT!  I have 
more NYC books than PRR, but I dislike the NYC and the Water Level Route 
(exception: Niagria).  Give me a mountain with a Mountain not some wussy 
little Mowhawk.  At the first sign of a grade they reverse.  Pearlman 
was also much worse than Saunders.  I also don't like CSX.  I call then 
the "Evil Empire".  Heck CSX isn't even a real RR name, its barely an 
acronym.  Well thats how I feel.  Have a happy, arrest free, time rail 

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