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Re: PC: Thank You

     Where do you go?  You used to always reply to my e-mails on that 
same day.  Now you disappear for days at a time.  Did you see all my 
posts on the [CR] list?  Also what are you going to do on the "last 
day"?  I also have an ethical question foe you.  I you could, would you 
go back in time and stop the merger by removing certain people from 
history if there were no other adverse effects in the timeline?  As a 
bonus do you think it is ethical for Railfans to secretly undermine the 
rail industry so CSX, NS and a host of thers go bankrupt and have to be 
bailed out the govt., thus re-creating Conrail.:)  Finally what would be 
your reaction (from zzzzzzzz to rampage with an assult rifle) to all the 
RR's merging to form US rail. Then re-think the question if the US rail 
paint scheme was that of NS or some other bland RR.  Tomorrow I will 
visit the W&W at Bridgeton NJ and take pictures.  Hopefully my mail 
should be getting better.

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