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PC: MP-54 -Reply

>>> "Evil Mike" <evillmike -AT- hotmail.com> 07/21/98 10:53pm >>>
      When were MP-54s finally phased out on 
commuter service?  There is a neat Green MP at Strassburg and it got me
interested.  Did SEPTA or NJDoT or Conrail use them after PC? 

I can't think of a source for an exact date, but I believe a few
MP-54s ran until 1980 or so.  Don't look too hard for Conrail painted
commuter equipment.  They were formed as a freight railroad,
but did operate passenger service for various transportation
authorities in their early years.  They ran a lot of trains without
owning them.  SEPTA and NJDOT owned them.  I believe they
were gone by the time NJTransit was formed.

Check out the August Trains magazine for a lot more on NJTransit.


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