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PC: The last word on trespassing, et al

Gerhard A. Stuebben wrote:
> Although you may have started this fire, I'm the one that poured
> gasoline on it, and I truly apologize for the discord it has caused
> among some list subscribers. Now that we've all vented, it's time to let
> the thread die or turn it in a constructive direction.

I agree with Gerhard. This tangent is starting to get a little out of
hand. It was interesting for a while, but it's starting to get a bit
ugly. Let me just add one last point:

Railfanning is a hobby. Nothing more. I do it because I like to see
new places, new faces, new and unusual equipment, and to occasionally
get a shot in Railpace. But the bottom line is because its *fun*
and *enjoyable*. However, to me, there is no photo that is worth
getting arrested, injured, or killed over. Nor is it worth giving
grief to railroaders. A photo wouldn't be worth taking to me if a
RR employee had to yell at me or throw me out of some place I didn't
belong. They have a hard enough time doing their job as it is.

Evil Mike is right. There are no easy answers to the trespassing
issue. But all the discussion amongst railfans isn't going to change
the fact that railroads are in business to make money and that their
property is private, and therefore they don't want us on their
property. They see trespassers as a liability, whether we're a
vandal with spray paint or a railfan with a camera. In this crazy
society that we live in where lawyers and lawsuits run rampant and
everyone sues everyone else for the slightest stupid little thing,
and worse yet, judegements are awarded to the clueless ones, I doubt
that the railroads' attitudes toward us will change much. Does
that mean we're out of luck? Only time will tell.

In summary, let's not lose sight of what our hobby is really all about:
railroads, whether that includes photography, historical research, or
just standing at a crossing watching one roll by. It's all just a

And let's not lose sight that this is a Penn Central mailing list.
So let's put this discussion to bed and be done with it. We've ruffled
enough feathers for one day..... :-)


Jerry W. Jordak               Time has little to do with infinity
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