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Re: PC: Fwd: [dandh] Fw: NS Is Stepping Up Tresspassing Prosecution!

     Hi, I'm Mike Brotzman. the one who found this message and posted it 
here.  I'm 17. able to drive and live in New Jersey.  I have never been 
arrested or in any other been in any other kind of trouble.  I am glad 
this issue has provolked a responce and I have seversl issues to make 
known.  I am was a small CR stockholder and when that was sold I got = 
parts of NS and CSX.  I used to think NS was the good guy, but I see 
that I was wrong.  I plan to complain.  I urge everyone to complain also 
and try to find some common ground.  I would also encourage rainfans to 
buy RR stock so they can have a combined "voice".  In the past I have 
gone 'fanning with my father.  On 2 occasions I have removed blockages 
from mainline tracks that would have caused a derailment.  I even 
watched the kids who put then up.  I am not a major fan.  I don't get 
out much.  In S. Jersey you don't expect many trains so I make do w/ 
exploreing and photographing RR structrues (active and abandoned).  I 
come from a twon with low/no crime.  All the cops in my town do is 
harass kids.  This makes me very wary of all police (despite the fact I 
never do anything "bad" or destructive.  Where ever I go I am always on 
the lookout.  Recently I went to Reading yard and was able to shoot the 
flat-switching there.  I did nothing dangerous and got smiles from the 
crew.  There were even several transients walking around.  I was there 
for at least 45 min and nothing happened.  When we got back to the car 
there were 2 cop cars "talking" in the lot (We had been aware of there 
presence).  If CR had cared they would have been on us in seconds, but 
we walked right past the yard office and nothing happened.  From what I 
hear this will change in the future.  It looks like from now on all 
'fans will have to take some precautions.  I have some tips.
1)  Keep your scanner tuned to the Police Band.
2)  Go in groups of 2 or more.  One can lookout or keep his scanner to     
the PB and the other can monitor RR chanels.
3)  Be aware.  Look all around you at all times.
4)  Don't be visible.  Wear dark cloths and don't stand in view of     
roads.  Also don't stand near RR access roads where the cop can      
preform a drive up arrest.  You can walk the tracks, but when you     
see anything comming get back.
5)  Assume everyone is out to arrest you.
6)  Park the car in a place where it dosen't say "the owner is     
7)  If you see a cop comming get the heck out of Dodge and don't all      
go in the same direction.
8)  Know the area.  Know where the car is.  If you have to split up     
have a meeting point.  Plan for the worst.
9)  Make it hard for the cop.  If you have to ford a river or creek or     
take off X-country do it.  Convince the cop that his time is     better 
spent eating doughnuts than chaseing you.
10) To get away from the main stream areas where the cops are.  Buy a     
De Lorme (TM) map.  I have several.  These maps show you how to     get 
places where no regular patrol would be.
11) 'Fan on Sundays or weekends, in general it might help.  Also if       
you have the urge to walk a tunnel or bridge go on a major     holiday.
12) If you have it take your shareholders certificate with you.  It     
might help.  (You DO own a part of the co.)

    I hope that one or all of these can be heplful.  PLEASE DO NOT 
resist arrest.  And if they ARE going to get you stop so they won't 
tackle you and hurt your camera.  If you want to try the "I didn't know 
I was tresspassing.  I'm blind and deaf and have an IQ of 3" defense do 
not have any pictures of yourself posing under a "No Tresspassing" sign.  
Also do not try to flee in your car they can get the plate #.  Run then 
come back after about an hour.  If you park right they will never know 
the car is yours.  Remember no matter what you think of the RR's try 
your hardest to spot things that will save the RR money or make the RR 
money, its all they care about.  We want the RR to get a positive 
impression of Railfans.  If you can try to save an OCS from crashing.  
To address the concern that 'fanns might spot safety violations I did 
see a violation of rule G.  An engineer stopped his frieght to buy beer 
from a track-side establishment.  I did not have my camera.  Also I was 
wondering what they do to your film if you are caught?  Do they un-roll 
if in front of you, kinda like they do with beer if you are found 
transporting it accross state lines?  PLEASE RESPOND TO THE RR's IN A 
CALM AND NON CONFRONTATTIONAL MANNER.  They are technicly in the right, 
but you can be amazed by what kind asking can get you.  

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