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If you really researched the locales of photos in the national Train press i.e. TRAINS,R&R,CTC Board,TRP,and Railpace,you would find that about 90% of the photos are taken from some location on railroad property. Are these guys trespassing? More than likely unless it's for a feature article by a legitimate press credentialed individual. I've been to lots of these places and when you get there,you wonder how the heck did they get that shot without(fill in your own thought)climbing onto that signal bridge or walking between trains or tracks? As I"ve said in a previous message ,myself and 2 other fans from KY went to the curve on May 19th-22nd. The only time we trespassed was in order to get to the "classic" curve shot.  All our other shots were from public easements/roads/bridges,etc. Yes you are right though when you say that all our shots will look the same except for the train/weather/time of year. One quick not about the NS police. The first time you are stopped and not arrested your name and Drivers license # will be sent via a report to Atlanta for entry into a data base. Subsequent time(s) they will know you and that this is not your first offense.Be aware,not afraid. 
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If everyone took pictures from public land, everyones pictures would 
look alike.. You failed to mention non-railfan trespassers that are 
the biggest problems, the ones who walk tracks as a shortcut to the 
gleep that parks his car and takes the dog for a walk on the tracks 
and letting the dog litter the tracks.


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