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PC: NS Is Stepping Up Tresspassing Prosecution!


Although you may have started this fire, I'm the one that poured
gasoline on it, and I truly apologize for the discord it has caused
among some list subscribers. Now that we've all vented, it's time to let
the thread die or turn it in a constructive direction.

Railfan photography is supposed to be a fun hobby.  When it stops being
fun, it's time to find another subject.  Dodging cops to avoid arrest is
definitely not fun.

Not all railroads are antagonistic towards railfans -- although I've
never been there, I hear UP has a "train watching spot" in their Omaha
yard. According to a recent internet post, KCS is asking railfans for
photo submission for next year's official calendar.  The Canadian
railroads are very accommodating and will welcome you on the property
after signing a release (at least they did last time I was in Toronto).
And most railroad employees are fine people.  Last weekend, a
Texas-Mexican employee in Corpus Christi, TX even offered to call me
(long distance) if any unusual power showed up! 

Yes, there are many places I have crossed off my list, like yards in the
northeast, anything NS, anything in Washington DC, anything FEC, and
most of Virginia.  And let's face it, CR was/is less friendly around
Collinwood Yard in Cleveland and Avon Yard near Indianapolis than PC /
NYC. But there are still lots of places to go.  Since you live in NJ,
you have the opportunity to shoot short lines in south Jersey, the Black
River & Western, the Belvedere and Delaware, the Susquehanna, the
Morristown & Erie, and probably a lot more that I've forgotten.  Once
you've finished that, there are many more opportunities in southern New
York State and Pennsylvania.  

In short, don't let the NS bug you.  They may be stupid, or ignorant, or
confused, or Nazis or all of the above.  It doesn't matter -- they own
the railroad and have the right to make bad business decisions. 
Instead, get the last laugh by shooting friendly railroads and passing
out 8x10s to their employees!  It's the best of all worlds -- you will
be welcomed as a friend, and you will be giving employees and their
families something they will treasure for years.

Gary Stuebben

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