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Re: PC: Buying stock to voice an opinion

I ask NYC fans, why buy the stock?  The first of the bad things has happened,
they've already cut up our late, but great, New York Central System.  Only
worse things can happen now.  Our voices as stock holders wouldn't be able to
get the two parts of the Water Level Route back together.  That's the whole
reason why any of us who would want to stock for the historical purpose, would
buy it.  For us NYC fans who would buy the stock for the feeling of owning the
a part of the NYC, it would be like a New York, Ontario, & Western fan trying
to buy stock in that RR.  One single company will no longer own the NYC, so
this time it's really gone.  

Things will never be like they used to be, it would take a miracle for a
modern day New York Central to appear with lightning striped Genesis P-32
units pulling modern coaches, and for lightning striped Dash-8's to be found
pulling Pacemaker freights.  Instead, the best we can do is all get really
involved with the New York Central System Historical Society and remember what
was of our RR, even those of us who never saw the New York Central.  

If what is, is really as bad as it is, then forget about it, it's lost, thanks
to NS.  We have all learned something from this NS posting, and what I've
learned is that NS is a bad RR.  In ten years people will be writing books
about this plitting of the NYC, and it will be over.  All fellow NYC fans,
lets all get involved with the NYCS Historical Society, and let NS screw
themselves!  Let's all remember and uncover the good times of yester year NYC
railfanning, when the latest topics were the competition between the NYC and
PRR, and the races between the 20th Century and the Broadway.  Good luck Water
Level Route!  PC wasn't the end of the line for the Water Level Route.  The
end is here now.  Farewell New York Central.

John Weyhausen  

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