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Re: PC: Fwd: [dandh] Fw: NS Is Stepping Up Tresspassing Prosecution!

About NS' new policy...I've been hearing this for awhile now, and I'm 
not exactly too thrilled by it...

However, since I go to school at Waynesburg College, in PA, I've also 
been able to get some CR pictures.  Before shooting anything though, I 
always stop at the depot to ask for permisson.  Usually I'm told that 
they (CR) doesn't care if I take some photos, as long as I don't get in 
the way.  Most of the time, I see other railfans down at the tracks... 

Anyway, it could be a lot worse.  Picture the Union RR of Pittsburgh.  
They don't exactly welcome railfans. :( Even if you're across the street 
from their property, they'll give you a hard time.  So, decent URR 
pictures are quite rare.

--Chris Osterhus

Central Penn Station

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