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Re: PC: NS (and PC paint schemes)

Jerry rattles the cage with this remark:

> Anyone have a favorite PC paint scheme?

The MTA/PC FL9 blue/yellow paint scheme was the best for the locos,
closely followed by the Despatch Shops #15 switcher.

Third place were the ex-DRG&W F-7 units. I have modelled one of them, and
it really annoys my Rio Grande friends. :^)

At the bottom of the list are the green cars with the black logo/lettering.

While we're on the subject of Penn Central colors, did the green used on
the freight cars have a name?  I have seen the phrase "Deepwater Green"
used in some places, is this correct?  Or is it so unique we should just
call it Penn Central Green like all the paint makers do?

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