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PC: NS Paint

It is my understanding that NS is going to "modify" their current scheme by taking the horse and have it run across each end,like their current document type. Also that the lettering will be much larger and styled like the DRGW and late SP speed lettering. The biggest news is that the joint assets locomotives are to be painted tuscan red and have both CSX and NS logos placed on the long hood. I know this is no solace to Conrail/PC fans,but hey at least we know they can think about change. The NS police are almost Gestapo like in their surveillance of the railroad. The 0 tolerance is one that fans here in the south are used to and we have worked around them. This is why I spent 4 beautiful days in late May on the curve and then on to Pittsburgh. Friday the 22nd was last day of Conrail track geometry train operation. I was able to photograph coming under the George Westinghouse bridge in E.Pittsburgh. NS equipment will do inspections from that date forward.

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