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Re: PC: Fwd: [dandh] Fw: NS Is Stepping Up Tresspassing Prosecution!

I'm just glad most of the old NYC is going to CSX.  It saddens me that the
Cleveland-Chicago part of the old Central is going to NS.  They don't deserve
it, and I don't think they're a good RR (NS).  They can stay down south for
all I care, in NY we don't need them.  Keep Big Blue is what I say, but it
won't happen.  I'm a NYC fan, and seeing that part of the Water Level Route go
to NS, is like watching NYC give their main line to the PRR.  The result of
the NYC portion of CR, is what the NYC of the 1960s wanted.  Alfred Perlman
would have enjoyed seeing CR's service area map on the old Central today, and
the kind of freight they operate.  Splitting the old main will make the
founders of the NYC turn in their graves; again as a matter of fact.  When PC
happened, each probably turned several times. 

NYC had a reputation for friendliness.  I don't know about Indiana, Ohio, or
even western NY State, but here on the two remaining New York Central New York
area commuter lines formerly known as the Hudson Division commuter service,
and the Harlem Division commuter service, the MTA Metro-North RR crews have
amazingly kept the old NYC tradition of friendliness.  They don't mind
railfans for the most part.  I'm not an old railfan. I'm not even old at age.
But the crews still don't mind me.  I had photographed Harlem Line MNRR diesel
train # 3955 so many times (since for some time it was the only northbound
diesel train on the Harlem-now there's two), that the engineer would wave from
the cab even if I hadn't waved at him!

When the old NYC, PC Tower NW was being dismantled at North White Plains, NY,
the crew doing the sad dismatlement gave me the info with out any hastle.
They were as friendly as could be.  I often have a quik chat with conductors
at stations when they lean out the MU cab windows at the centers of the MU
trains to look up and down the platform.  Every once in a while there's one
who isn't knowledgable, but they're always friendly, even when they see me
with my camera.

After all this, they STILL get business done.  Who ever that was that said
that NS is great, will probably say that it doesn't matter since MNRR is only
a commuter carrier, but it's a good one that tolerates railfans.  We've been
part of the show here since day one, in 1831 with the opening of the NY &
Harlem RR, and we're still here and MNRR doesn't mind. 

To Jerry, and all others out there that feel that way about NS, I wouldn't
want them behind my house either.  KEEP THE HORSES AWAY!!!  WE WANT THE BIG
BLUE AND WHITE CR!!!!!!  If CSX doesn't have trouble with us, I put the
welcome map out for them.  Anyway, at least they have a serious RR image, and
not one that advertizes pony rides -- CR and CSX fans, you know what I mean!

John Weyhausen

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