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Re: PC: Fwd: [dandh] Fw: NS Is Stepping Up Tresspassing Prosecution!


I hope that you can get used to the black horse showing up around your
NS operates a great railroad and operates with great efficiency and
NS is in the business of railroading and plans on operating the
Conrail portion with safety and profit.

---Jerry Jordak <jer -AT- smellycat.com> wrote:
> Evil Mike wrote:
> > I got this off the D&H e-mail message board and I thought you all
> > want to know.
> [snip]
> I'm not sure if this is an issue--if a Conrail line goes to NS and
> gets black power, is it worth railfanning anymore? :-)  I'm dreading
> the day that the Horse finally shows up behind my house....
> ObPC: Sunday afternoon I was in Elkhart, Indiana, and stopped at the
> National New York Central Museum. I recommend it highly. Lots of neat
> stuff there.
> And, you can still make out the outlines of the Penn Central lettering
> underneath the black paint on their GG1. :-)
> Also, I realize that I've been slow on updating the web page, as I've
> been spending most of my free time railfanning the last days of
> but hopefully this weekend I can get an update posted. We'll see how
> it goes.....
> Later,
> -Jer
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