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PC: NS (and PC paint schemes)

orville ingram wrote:

> I hope that you can get used to the black horse showing up around your area.
> NS operates a great railroad and operates with great efficiency and
> profit.
> NS is in the business of railroading and plans on operating the
> Conrail portion with safety and profit.

OK folks, before everyone takes me to task for the NS comments:

Orville is right. NS *is* a great railroad, probably the best-run
in the US. I have a great deal of respect for them as a company.
I even have friends that work for NS.

I just wish they'd get real a paint scheme. It would make
photographing their trains a lot more enjoyable..... :-)

Now I know what you're thinking, and you're right: PC was a black and
white railroad too. However, I just personally like the PC scheme over
the NS one. I think PC looked better because they used less white
on the hood. Of course, the killer scheme was the "red P" scheme. That
little splash of color I think makes all the difference. Too bad the
"red team green team" mismash put a kybosh on that scheme....

Anyone have a favorite PC paint scheme?


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