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Re: PC: Re: Brunswick Green?

In a message dated 98-03-05 03:18:42 EST, you write:

<<  All PRR 
 repaints from 1960 up were black as directed by NYC management. 
 Jerome >>
New York Central management was weak. Alfred Perlman (NYC) was Stuart
Saunders' (the red team's) personal joke. The Wreck of the Penn Central puts
the red team (Pennsy) at owning sixty percent of the Penn Central Stock. (The
Red Team had the majority votes. They even fixed it so Perlman couldn't even
buy a house in Philadelphia with the rest of the Penn Central Management,
because he was a Jew. (Yankee Philadelphia would not accept him) They also saw
to it that he reported for work at an office in New York. NOTHING was done at
NYC management's direction. Except within their own divisions. This was the
curse at inception that doomed "the largest corporate merger in U.S. history"
from day one. Saunders (CEO and Chief Operating Officer) eventually convinced
the PC Board of directors to vote Perlman out as president. From there it was
all down hill...The rest is history. They were actually two separate companies
within one (Red and Green).
The paint scheme was actually designed by a lawyer who was the Vice president
for Operations. (on the red team and a right hand man to Stuart Saunders) It
was at Saunders direction that the scheme was accepted and implemented.

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