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Re: PC: Caboose #

In a message dated 98-03-04 15:42:26 EST, you write:

> We can rule out 18448 and 18449 - they had peaked roofs The new PC color
>  shows 18443 with a smoke stack coming out of the cupola like the 1844x 
>  What did they look like as AT&SF - most AT&SF seem to have a more 
> raditionally
>  placed stack - my other PC/CR photos are not clear
>  I have written Walt G to see where his stack is on his N5K

The athearn model has the stack ahead of the cupola, I don't think
that's wrong iirc.

I was suprised to see the stack coming through the old cupola
in the PC color guide photo. I don't recall that other pic of the N5k's
having this bug, I mean feature....


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