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Re: PC: Re: Brunswick Green?

Al Perlman refused to leave NY City.  That was his decision.  He was quite
unhappy with the whole arrangement.  It was a shotgun wedding, and he really
only did it for corporate survival.  He really had wanted to be part of the
B&O/C&O merger.

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><<  All PRR
> repaints from 1960 up were black as directed by NYC management.
> Jerome >>
>New York Central management was weak. Alfred Perlman (NYC) was Stuart
>Saunders' (the red team's) personal joke. The Wreck of the Penn Central
>the red team (Pennsy) at owning sixty percent of the Penn Central Stock.
>Red Team had the majority votes. They even fixed it so Perlman couldn't
>buy a house in Philadelphia with the rest of the Penn Central Management,
>because he was a Jew. (Yankee Philadelphia would not accept him) They also
>to it that he reported for work at an office in New York. NOTHING was done
>NYC management's direction. Except within their own divisions. This was the
>curse at inception that doomed "the largest corporate merger in U.S.
>from day one. Saunders (CEO and Chief Operating Officer) eventually
>the PC Board of directors to vote Perlman out as president. From there it
>all down hill...The rest is history. They were actually two separate
>within one (Red and Green).
>The paint scheme was actually designed by a lawyer who was the Vice
>for Operations. (on the red team and a right hand man to Stuart Saunders)
>was at Saunders direction that the scheme was accepted and implemented.

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