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PC: Large Decals or Signs

I'm looking for some suggestions, please:

When I return to the US this fall I am tempted to "decorate" either an
appropriate vintage or new pick-up truck in either NYC or PC paint (if a new
truck, then creating it in the style of what it might have looked like had
the NYC or PC survived).  Getting the truck painted an appropriate color
ought to be easy enough, but does anyone have any suggestions how I would go
about getting either a NYC cigar-band or PC worms emblem for the truck
doors?  Are decals made in that size, and if so by whom?  How about signs
painted directly on the truck?  Does computer technology exist to the point
that I could have a good NYC/PC emblem scanned into a computer and then
reproduced in either paint or decal on the truck?

(I know this is the PC list, but can't you imagine the smiles of those
people "in the know" if they saw a shiny new truck with a sparkling NYC
cigar band on the door, with the wording underneath:  "ROAD TO THE FUTURE"?)

Many thanks in advance!

Phil Kuhl
Philip.Kuhl -AT- ping.be

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