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PC: Who Developed The Squiggly Worms?

Can anyone on the list shed any light as to how the PC worms-in-love emblem
came about?  I remember very vaguely that in 1967, after the NYC-PRR merger
had been approved and the soon-to-be-merged company named, there was as yet
no emblem for the new company.

A photograph of an HO-scale boxcar appeared in either "Model Railroader" or
"Railroad Model Craftsman" --an example of "speculative modelling"-- of what
the new emblem might look like, and it consisted of a PRR keystone with "PC"
in it, the bottom of the loop of the capital P being the starting point of
the top of the loop of the C.  Since the car was also boxcar-red and not
jade green, this then-young Green Teamer went apoplectic and started to
mutter about PRR hegemony!

Philip.Kuhl -AT- ping.be

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