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Re: PC: Large Decals or Signs

Many designers/people use vinyl lettering that can be custom cut
/computer desgned

My wife is a designer and uses a local company that seems to be able to
do this - two color might be ineresting however.

Last summer I visited the N5E caboose at Utica NY - in fresh vinyl
lettering that looked VERY correct for PRR

Check the yellow pages under signs.

Jim Hebner

Philip.Kuhl -AT- ping.be wrote:

> I'm looking for some suggestions, please:
> When I return to the US this fall I am tempted to "decorate" either an
> appropriate vintage or new pick-up truck in either NYC or PC paint (if
> a new
> truck, then creating it in the style of what it might have looked like
> had
> the NYC or PC survived).  Getting the truck painted an appropriate
> color
> ought to be easy enough, but does anyone have any suggestions how I
> would go
> about getting either a NYC cigar-band or PC worms emblem for the truck
> doors?  Are decals made in that size, and if so by whom?  How about
> signs
> painted directly on the truck?  Does computer technology exist to the
> point
> that I could have a good NYC/PC emblem scanned into a computer and
> then
> reproduced in either paint or decal on the truck?
> (I know this is the PC list, but can't you imagine the smiles of those
> people "in the know" if they saw a shiny new truck with a sparkling
> cigar band on the door, with the wording underneath:  "ROAD TO THE
> Many thanks in advance!
> Phil Kuhl
> Philip.Kuhl -AT- ping.be


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