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Re: PC: PC predecessors and subsidiaries.......take 2.....

Gregg Benedict wrote:

>    I have several questions that deal with PC, NYC and it subsidiaries.
> First, I understand that the IHB (Indiana Harbor Belt) was part of the
> New York Central System (NYC).  Was it still owned by PC after the
> merger?  What was the paint scheme used by IHB during PC years and was
> there any special paint schemes used to denote PC ownership?
To answer your questions...
The Harbor was still owned by PC. This was also carried on to Conrail,
but I don't know the current status.
Paintwise, the bulk of Harbor switchers during and after PC time was all
black with a white frame stripe and yellow handrails. Five SW1500s were
hijacked by PC in 1970 after being ordered, built and painted for IHB. A
picture of one, PC 9227, is on p. 218 of Rob Yanosey's Penn Central
Power. The Harbor used its' customary cigar band herald on the cab.
There were probably a few jade green units at this time too. These had a
jade body, thin white safety stripes on the pilots, red and white
lightning stripes, and a large red and white cigar band. This scheme was
an experiment during the end of NYC, and otherwise had no special
The Trains August 1986 issue has more pictures and info.

I hope this helps.

Steve Vargo

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