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Re: PC: PC predecessors and subsidiaries.......take 2.....


  Being a fan of the NYC as well as the Pennsylvania, here are some amswers
to your questions.

  New switchers for the NYC from 1966 thru the merger were painted in
black, white on edges of walkway, stripes on pilots and only a logo on cab
sides and a road number both in white.  IHB engines had an oval logo, white
with a black band in center with the word HARBOR above was Indiana and
below was Belt Railroad.  Below the logo was a road number 9200-9221 for
SW1500's.  These engines were delivered in this paint scheme in 1966.
 P&LE engines were painted same except had the P&LE initials below the road
number which were 8931-8940 and 8952-8961 for SW1200's.  Not all were
repainted and several varities were photographed.  Lettering on long hood
would be New York Central System and road number on cab side with P&LE
initials below.  Earlier P&LE switchers were painted Pacemaker Green, some
made it to the merger this way.
  After the PC took over not much was changed except for class
redesignations and applying PC label in place of the original letters.  I
lost interest after the merger.

  Hope this helps.....Later....

At 12:47 AM 2/20/98 -0600, you wrote:
>   I understand that my last message might not have made it through, so
>I am writing it again.
>   I am trying to paint a switcher for NYC during early PC years.  To do
>this, I need to find out the last scheme used by the NYC for their
>switchers.  I have seen pictures of switchers painted with either the
>NYC "cigar band" logo on the cab OR the printed "NEW YORK CENTRAL" on
>the hood, but not both.  Did NYC ever use both on the same unit?  If so,
>which units?  I would prefer to see a picture of a SW-7/9/1200 for
>   I have several questions that deal with PC, NYC and it subsidiaries.
>First, I understand that the IHB (Indiana Harbor Belt) was part of the
>New York Central System (NYC).  Was it still owned by PC after the
>merger?  What was the paint scheme used by IHB during PC years and was
>there any special paint schemes used to denote PC ownership?
>  I also heard that DT&I (Detroit Toledo & Ironton) was owned, at least
>partially, by PC.  Is this true?  Again, were there any special paint
>schemes used to denote PC ownership?
>  My last question deals with the P&LE (Pittsburgh & Lake Erie).  I
>would like to know how they painted their engines during the NYC era as
>well as the PC era.
>I would appreciate any or all of these questions answered as I am unable
>to look up any literature at this time.
>Thanx in advance
>-Gregg B.

S.A. McCall  HOSAM
Franklin, Va.

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