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PC: Internet Message

P&LE engines under NYC were painted exactly as all other NYC 
equipment, except they were lettered NEW YORK CENTRAL SYSTEM on the 
sides where as straight NYC units were simply NEW YORK CENTRAL.

Under PC they were simply just PC with PC Logos and names on the 
sides with under the cab number small initials "P&LE". At a distance 
they appeared as straight PC units.

IHB was a part of the PC system until advet of CR. Later IHB units 
were later painted in a modified PC scheme being black with only 
difference having an Orange stripe but still numbered in the PC 9200 

DT&I was partly owned by the PC but did not have an NYC/PC identity 
and shared a paint scheme and colors as used by Ann Arbor once a part 
of the Wabash. Ann Arbor,DT&I units were alike except having bold 
letters DT&I and AnnArbor large letters on sides. No special schemes 
or initials were used on DT&I units to denote ownership. DT&I was 
also owned by the N&W RR.

       Jerome Rosenfeld

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