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Re: PC: P&LE Paint Schemes

> > 
> > P&LE engines under NYC were painted exactly as all other NYC
> > equipment, except they were lettered NEW YORK CENTRAL SYSTEM on the
> > sides where as straight NYC units were simply NEW YORK CENTRAL.
> > 
> > Under PC they were simply just PC with PC Logos and names on the
> > sides with under the cab number small initials "P&LE". At a distance
> > they appeared as straight PC units.
> > 

A little more on the P&LE, they used a NYC based numbering scheme until
late 1971. After that, they started to act more and more independent
first with a new numbering scheme. At about this time, the P&LE started
to leave off any and all PC logos and lettering. The resulting paint
scheme was all black with numbers on the cab and small P&LE initials
below. They also resumed the NYC practice of painting white barracade
stripes on the pilots. Around 1974 or so, they started to paint the cab
doors yellow (I think the first MP-15's started this). The 1976 order of
GP-38-2's introduced the large P&LE initials on the side of the carbody.


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