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Re: PC: Internet Message

> DT&I was partly owned by the PC but did not have an NYC/PC identity
> and shared a paint scheme and colors as used by Ann Arbor once a part
> of the Wabash. Ann Arbor,DT&I units were alike except having bold
> letters DT&I and AnnArbor large letters on sides. No special schemes
> or initials were used on DT&I units to denote ownership. DT&I was
> also owned by the N&W RR.
>        Jerome Rosenfeld
Also there was a time when the Wabash and the AA shared a paint scheme
in the early days of joint ownership by the PRR. The reason for no nyc
markings is because they were owned by the PRR  They had an attractive 
scheme on AA's RS-1's and FA's.  I believe that the Wabash painted there
PA's the in the same scheme.  Later, the DT&I and the AA shared the
great orange paint, the only difference being big DT&I on the side of
the locomotive and ANN ARBOR (spelled out) on AA units.


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