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Re: PC: Internet Message

> The U23-28-30B/C all use the same bodies, doors and everything else
> but HP difference. It would not be economical for GE nor anyother
> manufacture to remove doors for a different model since all the
> components are in the same location. A GP38 and GP40 are exactly
> alike body-wise except for fan configuration and smaller radiator on
> GP38 since it's minus one fan. GP38 even has the GP40's turbo blower
> duct on the left hood side even though it's not turbocharged.
>       Jerome

I hate to disagree with you, but they are not all the same.  GE's
practice was to release the next model in the previous models carbody,
and then the carbody would catch up to the model.  For example, early
U-28-B's were released in older late model U-25-B's carbodies until the
28-B's got there own.  P&LE's were a good example of this.  A photo is
on page GE 168 of "THE SECOND DEISEL SPOTTER'S GUIDE" published by
Kalmbach.  I believe that this book is out of print by now.  Back to the
subject, early 30-B's were again released in late model 28-B's carbodies
until maybe the phase two came out of the 30-B's.  The 23-B is a carbon
copy of a late model 30-B externally.  The only difference is the power
plant, the 23-B having only 12 cylinders as compared to the standard 16
on a 30-B.  Yes the Athearn model of the U30B is a good start for your
23B. I dont think that any work is needed to the body, add details and
paint it and you'll be done.  One note, an easy way to determine 33B's
and 36B's from the rest of the U-Boat series is look for the wings on
the end

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