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Re: PC: Re: Your tax $ at work

On Wed, 17 Nov 1999 19:05:08 -0000, Garrett Rea wrote:

> >Investigators in Pueblo have deliberately crashed an old Penn Central
> >passenger car which once ran the rails in Philadelphia.
> Wasn't a Metroliner by chance?  Just as silly as the NTSB crashing 60's
> Mustangs and 1970's Generic Motors cars a year or two back to conclude
> they were "not a as safe" as the new ones!  Anyone know what they were
> REALLY trying to prove?  (Seatbelts is my guess....). Any comment from
> on this one by chance?  They have been real gutless here lately
> anyhow.........
> Shame there can be preservation effort for that car.
Just as bad as the RA-5 Vigilantes they destroyed as ground targets for the
Tomahawk program or the Chinooks they dropped off a tower just to find out
that if the helicopter lands hard, it'll break!

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