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Re: PC: Re: Your tax $ at work

Garrett Rea wrote:
> >Investigators in Pueblo have deliberately crashed an old Penn Central
> >passenger car which once ran the rails in Philadelphia.
> Wasn't a Metroliner by chance?  Just as silly as the NTSB crashing 60's Ford
> Mustangs and 1970's Generic Motors cars a year or two back to conclude that
> they were "not a as safe" as the new ones!

The car was actually a Budd Pioneer III electric MU car. The Pioneer III
was an experimental car that preceeded (and looks very similar to) a
SEPTA Silverliner car. There were six built for the PRR in 1958.

> Shame there can (sic) be preservation effort for that car.

The Railroad Museum of PA at Strasburg has a pair of them that have
been preserved. They also have a Metroliner car too. (I shot both of
them back in May when I was at Strasburg.)


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