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PC: Fwd: [PRR] PRR 244

I've forwarded a message regarding the ex PRR Budd MU's that are being used 
as crash test dummies at the Pueblo facility. 
                                              Ken McCorry
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Ted the 244 was one of three that Septa sold to the test facility. They will 
all be used in crash testing. There were six cars total built by Budd in the 
late fifties. One was lost due to a fire and the remaining 5 lasted in 
service until the early nineties. Septa stripped the electrical gear and 
pantographs off all five with the idea to turn them into a push-pull set to 
be used with Septa's ALP-44's. It was determined to be too expensive and the 
project was scrapped. The cars sat at the Frazer facility until recently. Two 
have been saved and they are at Strasburg. 
                                                      Ken McCorry
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