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PC: And (yet) another sighting...

Hi gang:

  I was in Ashtabula, Ohio on Saturday, 11/6/99 at the CSX (former
Conrail/NYC/LS&MS) depot and spotted an X38F boxcar (#181049) in PC paint
and reporting marks parked on the north siding. Other than some fading of
the green and scrapes here & there, it's in remarkably original condition
with no CR (or other) reporting marks stenciled on anywhere.

  Unusual (for me, at least) to see something that original at this late
date. For anyone within driving distance, it may be there for awhile, as it
was obviously being used in work train service and was tied to a couple of
flats with track gang living quarters on them.

   Unfortunately, I was without camera, but will attempt to get back there
for photos.

Bob Rothrock

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