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Re: PC: And (yet) another sighting...

Bob Rothrock wrote:
>   I was in Ashtabula, Ohio on Saturday, 11/6/99 at the CSX (former
> Conrail/NYC/LS&MS) depot and spotted an X38F boxcar (#181049) in PC paint
> and reporting marks parked on the north siding. Other than some fading of
> the green and scrapes here & there, it's in remarkably original condition
> with no CR (or other) reporting marks stenciled on anywhere.

The car has been there a while and I don't think it's moved at all. If
I remember correctly, it's been there as long as I've been going to
Ashtabula (1990?), although a week ago Saturday, I was taking some
pictures up around there, and the car door was open. Looks like the
railroad uses it to store parts and equipment in. I noticed that you
can see the PRR keystone starting to show through behind the PC worms...
>   Unusual (for me, at least) to see something that original at this late
> date. For anyone within driving distance, it may be there for awhile, as it
> was obviously being used in work train service and was tied to a couple of
> flats with track gang living quarters on them.

I have heard that on the other side of Ashtabula, behind the old NYC
reclamation plant is a PC shower car and an NYC boxcar, but I've never
been into the site to confirm that. It's west of West Avenue Yard
and east of CP-130, just off of U.S. 20.
>    Unfortunately, I was without camera, but will attempt to get back there
> for photos.
And if you want to take a look at it right now, I have a photo of it
online at http://prozac.cwru.edu/jer/pc/pics/equip/pc181048.gif


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