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PC: PC 598654

I saw gon PC 598654 today on a house track in Athens, Alabama (between
Nashville and Birmingham). I was driving by and noticed the remnants of
green paint. I was expecting a PC>CR>NYC car, but amazingly it was still

The car was very rusty, with most of the green gone. The side I saw had
been repainted with plain stencil reporting marks, but I could tell where
the worms were in the rust. The area around the marks and numbers were
even rustier than the rest of the car. The marks appeared to be new white
spray paint, but was neat enough to lead me to believe that a stencil had
been used.

What amazed me is that the car appears to be in use on CSX hauling MofW
scrap in conjunction with some track projects. I'd heard that all non-NYC
CR marks went to NS; maybe this one missed the repainting. (Or maybe CSX
has some equipment that has non-NYC CR marks.)

Bryan Turner


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