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RE: PC: Re: PC Coaches

The last mail made me think of another question.  Did PC own any Dome Cars, 
and if so what was their scheme?  I know Kato made a smoothside dome in PC 
Colors years ago to go with their other sets, but it made me wonder if 
there ever actually was one.

And as for those E&B Coaches, those are neat.  However, I agree with you 
about those trucks.  Why they would package the trucks in kit form is 
beyond me.

Thanks again.!

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I believe that the entire Athearn streamlined line of cars is based on ATSF
prototypes built by Pullman-Standard, not Budd.

The Athearn dome car is definitely a Pullman-Standard prototype, as P-S
domes didn't "have a curve in sight". Domes from Budd and ACF utilized
curved glass, while P-S domes were comprised of all flat glass panels.

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