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PC: Re: PC Coaches -Reply

>>> <Gene.Fusco -AT- lsil.com> 06/30/99 11:27am >>>

>Current PC coach production in HO scale is non-existant as far as I can

In HO, IHC currently produces a variety of corrugated cars, although I
don't think anything about the body styles or paint is accurate.

>E&B Valley used to offer their ex-NH lightweight stainless steel and
American Flyer type cars in Penn Central paint. These cars can
sometimes be found at swap meets.

You may also find the old Alco Models plastic  P70 coaches
at meets.  I think the PC passenger car green is very accurate, but the
extra effort spent during assembly trying not to wreck the paint might not
be worthwhile since it's just green sides and a black roof
with simple lettering.


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