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PC: Lionel boxcars

I was browsing through the latest issue of O Gauge Railroading (Run 167
Aug 99) and on page 90 there is a picture of a New Haven boxcar with a
large PC overstamped over the New Haven logo.  Also PC is overstamped
over the NH car #.  They also did the same with a Reading boxcar only
they have Conrail overstamped over Reading.  They also put CR in the
Reading diamond as a over stamp.  I think that this is the 1st time
Lionel has made overstamped cars for collectors.  I was wondering if
this is from a copy of a car that has had this done to it.  I can't
recall ever seeing this done on protypical cars as they usually paint
over the old owner and then apply the new owners name.  Not just
overstamp it. Of course when you think you have seen it all on the
railroad your usually wrong.

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